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Friday, January 18, 2013

Taking it easy

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry it's been a few too many days since my last post, but I have decided to take it easy this month. I have started treatment for my MS and that involve full days spend at the hospital just waiting to see if I get any side effects. BORING! And they don't even have any outlets matching my computer, so I have only 2 hours of PC power. But instead of getting annoyed I decided to make it a sign telling me to just relax. And that I have done. But now it's been too long even for me, so here is a new post of freebies for you.

First I have some bad-ish news. Jacquii, the store owner of Scrap it Sassy, has decided to close down the store. That means that as of February 1st I am without store. At this time I must say that it suits me just fine that I don't have the stress of delivering a certain amount of designs each month. But although it was not a large income, I will still miss the few dollars per month for new material, so I am thinking about making a sister site to this one, where I will make designs for sale (very low prices). Maybe I should call it Everything but Freebies...? ;0)))
I'll let you know what it ends up with as soon as I have decided. But let me just point out that due to the store closing it is not only my store that has a 50% off sale - it's the entire SIS store! So hurry over before it's to late.


You probably know by now that I have gotten a weak spot for making patterns. And today's freebie is no exception to that fact. I have made some great vintage patterns from a font! Yes, a font. Isn't that amazing? You get a PAT file with 7 different patterns in 3 sizes = 21 patterns. All black and with transparent background. But for all of you without PS or PSE the pattern zip also includes png overlays of all 21 patterns. And furthermore, I have also made a pack of example papers from the biggest size patterns.

Links below images. Hope you'll enjoy.


New links with new zip!

I plan to be back very soon - see you then.


Stacey said...

Both sets are gorgeous! thank you! I hope your treatments go well with no side-effects! I think opening your own store is a great idea, that way you can go at your own pace and not worry about it if you don't feel well! I wish you all the best in fighting this horrible disease! You are in my prayers!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

You are too funny. I absolutely love the name. I think you meant to be cheeky but it fits perfectly. Thanks so much for offering us such fabulous freebies. Your generosity as always is so greatly appreciated.
Take the time to slow down and relax although I know it must be frustrating especially when the creativity starts flowing. Take care and good luck with your treatment.

Lisa D.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you so much for your generosity!
Hope all your medical goes well and that you have no serious side effects, Good Luck!
Rest and relaxation is imperative, so listen and heed it! LOL!
Thanks again for all you share and good luck with Everything but Freebies! Lot it!

Anonymous said...

many thanks

have posted link on my own blog

Sandy said...

Thanks for the freebies and wishing you time to heal! :)

Sandy S

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup

Susan Smith said...

Sending you lots of love! Thanks so much for the wonderful freebie overlays! I'm adding you to next week's post. Huge hugs, Sü

Chris said...

Thank you for the Brilliant Freebies! Sometimes it is Good to Just Relax. Good Luck with Your Treatment!

NathL said...

thank you so much for taking the time to make those gifts for us!

take care and have a sweet day :)

Lou Anne said...

Thank you for the beautiful patterns. You deserve to take it easy-good luck with the treatments and take good care of yourself.

Sim said...

Keep zen dear Trine!
I think of you. :)

JeannieK said...

Good luck with your treatments. Relaxation is what your body needs now. Wishing you the best! Thank you for the freebies!

kastagnette said...

Thank you so much. Great work

Annette said...

Thanks so much for your freebies. You are so generous. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through your treatments

Jo Byrne said...

Many thanks for wonderful freebies. Good luck with your treatments. Kind regards Jo x

Lynne Armstrong said...

Hi trine, I just found your blog via StarSunflower Studio and have become a follower. Thanks so much for the freebie papers...love them. I hope your treatment goes well and there aren't any nasty side effects. Enjoy your rest. All the best to you and I'll be back to visit again soon :)

Violet said...

Hi Trine,

These overlays are gorgeous! Thanks so much for making them CU as well. You'll probably see them show up at the next PixelScrapper blog train, now that I've caught the freebie-making bug.

Good luck with your treatments! I hope they go well and you get to relax and not get too bored!

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup

Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

OMG ... I feel just terrible. I didn't realize that you are in treatments for MS. Please, please know that from this moment on ... you are in my prayers each day. I also want to speak as a nurse, do not, do not overdo. Everyone here in cyberville will want you to keep all your strength up, as well as, you bubbly personality. We are all you "followers" and only want what is best for you. Smiles and hugs being sent you way, lovey. Hugs, Sue

xuxper said...

thank you

xuxper said...

thank you

xuxper said...

thank you

xuxper said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Lovely papers!!! Thank you so much!

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