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Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Weekend….!

I want to star by thanking Anonymous who had discovered my designs in other places under a different author’s name. Thank you so much - whoever you are. I have been absolutely burning with anger all weekend. Not because of Anonymous “The Informer” (to her I am eternally grateful), but because of Anonymous “The Thief(s)”. Can you explain to me what they get from stealing other people’s designs, repack them (without my TOU of course) and upload as their own? They didn’t even bother to make their own preview…

The only positive things I have to say about people like that is that they are kind enough not to sell my designs and making money on my freebies (as far as know!) and they have really good taste in design…

So if you by any chance are one of the culprits back here for more - STOP IT! Try making your own designs. When you find out how much time (and money) it takes you might think twice before stealing from others.

If you are a fellow designer of freebies you might want to check out these sites for your designs:


If you on your way around cyber space see any of my designs posted by others than me, please let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email.

Finally, a BIG thank you to Beth from the UK for saving my weekend with her really kind "thank you mail" - I love that kind of mails. It's nice to know that appreciation wins over abuse.

But enough about that - I can feel the anger coming back… I better read Beth's mail again before I go on...

Ahh, that's better.

Today I give you more love - another Valentine Alpha in gradient glitter from pink to silver. You get a full alpha (including Danish Æ, Ø & Å) with numbers and symbols.

Click image for direct download.

Have fun and see you in February.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little Bit Friday & Chains

Another Friday - Another Little Bit…

Today I bring you a set of circle brass frames wrapped in ribbons in all 7 Valentine colours.

Click image for direct download.

I am not one to give up! So I have re-uploaded my “Charming” kit with extra chains added. So for all you chainless owners of Wednesday’s charms please cross your fingers and click HERE.

Have an extraordinary weekend. See you soon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Romance is in the air

Nothing got in the way today so here are not just one but two new Valentine’s freebies. I’m really getting romantic, in the girly way, so you get a set of 7 eyelet silk ribbons and a pack of 14 heart charms. Both are made with actions from Marbled Circle. Please notice - both are CU!

So get girly….

Click images for direct downloads.

If you want chains for the charms you can get them here.

4shared works in mysterious ways... The chain download should NOT have a password so I can not explain what is going on. But you can try this new direct download. I hope it works!

See you Friday for A Little Bit.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Letters

Here I am again - apologizing!

I promised you a weekend freebie but did not keep my promise - I’m Sorry…

But Sunday I had the family over for pancakes (or crêpes to be correct) and bingo, and that, as you can imagine, took priority ;o) And today has been busy as well. But here I am and so is your freebie. I have made you a very lovely Valentine QP but also added some png love letters for you to use in your own Valentine LOs. For those interested I can reveal that the poem used is written by a very famous Danish poet and author - myself (again I apologize ;o))

Hope you can find a loved one to use this for.

Click image for direct download.

I am not making anymore promises so I’ll simply say: “See you soon”.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Alpha 1

I have skipped A Little Bit Friday this week as I think it’s time for a Valentine Alpha - and that does not fall into the category “a little bit”…

And as the number in the name suggests, it may not be the last before Valentine’s Day.

This one is a very decorative alpha that can be changed into an endless number of alphas with a very small amount of work from you. The basic alpha has a transparent centre and I have added alpha sheets in all 7 Valentine colours for you to use as background to fill the centres. Or you can fill it with a colour of your choice. The sheet alphas can also be used as stand-alone alphas or as mix-and-match… as I said, endless opportunities.

Click image for direct download.

Have fun and check back during the weekend as I hope to make a weekend posting…

Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Papers 1

Today you get papers for your Valentine Kit. Solids of course - you need them to make your own papers. But also papers with a beautiful vintage rose overlay to pretty up any layout. Both paper sets are CU!

Click images for direct downloads.

Enjoy! … and don’t forget the other Valentine downloads.

Please come back Friday for A Little Bit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine’s Water Colours

Sorry for leaving you post-less over the weekend. But I had a weekend were I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - and it felt GREAT!

But this is a new week and Valentine’s Day is 3 days closer so here is today’s Valentine’s freebie: 35 water colour strokes, mists and dots in the colours from the Valentine’s Colour Pallet.
They are all transparent but if you prefer a more solid colour just layer 2, 3 or 4 on top of each other.

Click image for direct download.

I will be back again on Wednesday - see you then?

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Bit Friday 28 + Twins Royal

Another Friday and time for another little bit. Can you believe it? It’s already been 2011 for two weeks…

Today’s ALBF gives you one frame in 4 different styles. Enjoy!

Click image for direct download.

And for all you Royalty Gossip Fans out here: You may have heard that he Danish Crown princess gave birth 6 days ago. Twins - one of each! And today the happy family left the hospital with the usual press circus. But the twins were cute - here they are.

Boy on the left, girl on the right.

Have a splendid weekend.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Closing in on Valentine’s

In only one month it’s Valentine’s Day. Out with the red, green and gold of Christmas and the glitter of New Year’s and in with the PINK! - Oh, we are in a busy business…

I have decided to use the same colour chart for all my Valentine’s designs this year so everything will go together. The chart is made by The Urban Fairy.
First up is a CU pack of bowstrings that can be used for all seasons.They are made with one of the fab bowstringer actions by Marbled Circle.

Click image for direct download.

Have fun and come back soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabinets - and the TOUs from hell…

Hi all,

Plans are made to be changed - or something like that. My plan for today’s freebie was much different than the actual result.

The other day Scrappin’ Cop had the greatest cabinet template as her freebie and I have played around with it ever since. And today you get one of the many results from my “play date”: A wood cabinet, cabin style, one empty and one filled with lovely things representing travels (not my personal travels but still…). My plan was that along with the two cabinets you would get all the things from the filled one as separate png elements so you could make your own cabinet. But then the TOUs from hell spoiled it all…!

Maybe some of you who also design or maybe one with a law degree can explain this to me:

I go to one of the many stores online and buy a CU Mix with lovely things in it. When I get it unzipped and read the TOU it says something like “.. my items can be passed forward only as altered designs..”. Hmmm, I totally get that when it comes to overlays, papers, templates and other “designer resources”, but elements…? For example - take the old camera in today’s cabinet. How in the world am I supposed to alter that..? Colour it pink, make it triangular or maybe turn it into a brand new Sony camera?

And then there is the other one: “.. my CU products can NOT be used as freebies”. WHAT??? OK, so I can make money from your product, but give it away for free, NOOOOO. I just don’t get it!

"Oh, but please give credit to me no matter how you use my products". That somehow always OK, and something they can all agree on!

Anyway, that is the reason why you have to take today’s freebie without the separate elements - I’m simply not allowed to give them to you. I hope you can still find some use for it.

Click image for direct download.

See you soon?

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little Bit Friday 27

Thank you so much for all your get well wishes. It seems to have worked! Give me a day or two and I think I’ll be back to my good, old self.

Today’s Little Bit is a handful of charms in antique bronze style. I hope you can find use for them.

Click image for direct download.

Have a REALLY nice weekend - I hope to be back again very soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011

A new year has arrived with all its promises for happiness, wealth and good health… Or maybe not?

I apologize for starting the year so late here on the blog but New Year’s Eve brought me not only a new year but also a touch of fever with a side order of coughing and runny nose. So the past days I have not felt up to posting.

To make up for my late start of 2011 I bring you a very special freebie today - no, two special freebies.

I know, I know - you have had a lot of alphas lately but here are two more. They are both my Danish Design December $-deals from my store at Scrap it Sassy that are expired now. You can have them both for free here today and the next two days but the download links will expire on Friday night. So get them before it’s too late!

Click images for direct download. - SORRY, LINKS EXPIRED!

I promise this will be the last Christmas designs for the next 11 months!

I’ll be back on Friday with this year’s first “A Little Bit”. See you then?