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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Missed me much?

Well, I have missed you - A LOT! And I’ve missed designing, creating and giving. But sometimes priorities are not something you choose for yourself and at the moment my priorities are decided by others. I have to finish my classes and I have to work for a living so the next 5 weeks will be filled with “missing”. I hope you can forgive my absence.

However, I managed to steal a couple of hours yesterday to make you a freebie:

Click on image to download.

I can not say when the next opportunity for creative time appears so stay tuned - I have NOT left you altogether!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I just made it before the weekend ended.

Here you get a little “Mini-Kit” containing 3 jewel bordered papers in different colours and the used jewel borders separately to make your own bejewelling.

Click on image to download.

Have fun and please come back during the week to check for new freebies as I’m not able to set a date for the next one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hang on!

I deeply apologize for my absence this week. But I am “back in school” to learn html/CSS, Dreamweaver and many other interesting things so I don’t have much time to “play”. This will last 6 weeks so until the end of October I will probably only post a couple of times a week. Hope you’ll forgive this and still hang on to my address…?

I have, however, made a little something for you today. 4 beautiful door hangers and something to hang them on. It was my initial plan to put texts on the door hangers, but then I thought that it was better if you could make any text you needed for your specific use, so I left them blank. I hope you will enjoy them nevertheless.

Click on image to download.

I’ll be back again before the weekend is over and hope to see you then.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alpha Beads - Part 2

Hereby - as promised - the rest of the bead alpha. Today you get the lower letters, the numbers and a few symbols. And as Anonymous pointed out yesterday in her? comment (thanks for that!) you can play around with the text colour by changing the hue. A million alphas in one!

Click on image to download.

If you didn’t get the first part yesterday you can find it here.

Have a great Sunday and see you sometime next week.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How much is A Little Bit?

Happy Friday everyone!

As I was planning this week’s A Little Bit Friday I found a wonderful tool in my big archive to make alpha beads and knew that it should be the source. As I started to make the alpha for you it struck me (no, it didn’t hurt): An alpha is not a little bit, is it? Should I make something else? No, I really wanted to use this bead maker… So I had the following bright idea: Today you get a little bit of the alpha (the uppers) and then I return with the rest during the weekend.

Brilliant, right?

So here is a little bit alpha for you:

Click on image to download.

And remember to drop by during the weekend for the rest (lowers and numbers).

See you soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two sides of summer

I didn’t have time to finish the freebie I had planned for today so you have to wait for that. But I don’t want to disappoint you so I hurried to the archives and found 2 quick pages I made for myself last year.

They are both made from pictures I took on the island of Bornholm only two days apart - just goes to show the shifting mood of the Danish summer weather…
Click on image to download.

I hope you can use them - feel free to build on with your own decorations, text, etc.

I’m back with A Little Bit on Friday - see you then?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stars shining up above you….

Today’s theme is shining stars. First in the form of the unknown scrappers all around the world that we hardly ever get acquainted with, but who makes the most wonderful layouts for their personal use. The shining stars! One of them is being “outed” here today.

She wants to be called A Scrapper from Texas (I know her name of course) and she has kindly donated 2 beautiful QuickPages for me to post as freebies for you. They are both made from the “It’s A Girl Kit” by my alter ego Danish Design and I love them both - hope you will too.
Click on image to download - both QPs in one file.

If you want to thank her (and I know you will) you can leave a comment on this page - she will drop by to read them all.

I’m sorry - but you know I have to do this…

Should you want the It’s A Girl Kit for yourself it’s available from my store @ Scrap it Sassy - click on image to get to it.

No money?
Well, go here to get the sampler for free.

Next stars up are actual shining stars. My freebie for today is a collection of sparkling star clouds to brighten up your layouts. You get 14 different designs all in full size 300 dpi pngs.
Click on image to download.

Remember to always let your star shine - and please come back here on Wednesday for a new freebie…

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yet another Friday

First of all, THANK YOU to those of you who downloaded my Tester Pack yesterday and helped me by confirming what I already thought of the papers. I will now close the download link, but if you have already downloaded the pack I would still like to hear you opinion…

But enough chit-chat - here is today’s “A Little Bit”: A small pack of mixed metal elements. I hope you can find use for them.

Click on image to download.

Have a GREAT weekend and let’s meet up here again on Monday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New designs, sampler, QPs and more

Wow, I have a lot on my mind today…

First I want to introduce you to some new creations by my alter (commercial) ego Danish Design. Not only have I contributed to the SIS September Collab but I also found it so inspiring that I had to make a few Add-Ons.

The full SIS September Collab - Just My Style ($ 7):

My contribution to it:

The Add-On Kit ($ 2.50):

And finally the Add-On Triple Alpha ($ 2.50):

All of the above is available from Scrap It Sassy. And while you are there go grab my Free QuickPages made from a mix of the collab contribution and the Add-On:

But of course you need to get an idea of what you get before paying. To do that I have made you a sampler from my Add-On. That one is downloadable right here - just click on the image:

That was it from my alter ego but my NbF ego also needs to get a saying. Yesterday I asked for your help but only one answered. I am sure it is not because you don’t want to so maybe it was because the email-stuff was too much bother or I didn’t give you enough details about the payment…? Well, I want to try again and this time I have made the Tester Pack downloadable directly (no email) and I can tell you that on top of the final and approved tester pack you also get to choose 1 product from Danish Design’s store at SIS for free.

See the details of the help I need HERE and feel free to contact me if you need more information.

3/9: I've got all the help I needed so the link is closed. Thank You!

NOTICE: If you download the Tester Pack it is for testing ONLY! You can NOT use it in any way - private or public - before it’s approved.

That’s all for today but I will be back tomorrow with A Little Bit Friday. See you then?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can you help?

I desperately need your help.

For some time now I have been trying to make scannings of old wallpaper samples into papers and overlays but the quality is no where near my wanted standard. But I found out by accident that they look better on one computer than the other so now I have decided to ask you to be testers.

Link removed - see why here.

All you need to do is work with, play with or simply just open and look at the papers and overlays in the tester pack (12 in all) and then let me know if you find them acceptable by answering 2 questions:

1) Would you find the quality acceptable for a freebie?
2) Would you find the quality acceptable for sale?

I will of course “pay” you with an approved version of the Tester Pack when it’s done + something extra.

So can you spare the time to help me just email me and I will send you the Tester Pack.

Thank you so much in advance.

And then on to today’s freebie. I know how much you like stitches and have therefore made you this: A stitched alpha with upper cases, lower cases, numbers and symbols. I have made it in white for easy re-colouring.

Click on image to download.

Hope you will find it useful.

See you tomorrow?