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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me…

…and a freebie for you!

I have taken just a few minutes out of my celebrations to share this Birthday/Christmas freebie with you. A big pack of Christmas trees in very different styles - one for each December day until Christmas and an extra for you to decorate. Furthermore, I have included a bonus of 8 metal style trees + separate gold and silver stars. It is BIG so I had to separate it into 5 zip files for easier downloading - sorry!

The template used is from BeDeSign - http://www.beate-bastelt.de/

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4
Download Bonus

Have fun with it.

I will hurry back to my birthday, but return here very soon. See you then?

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little Bit BLACK Friday

Now that you are all digesting the turkey and the pumpkin pies and have spend all your money on the Black Friday sales maybe it’s time to realise that Christmas is next… So today’s Little Bit is two Christmas frames all ready to use with minimum work on your part.

Click on image to download.

Before I go I want to apologize for all the link mess and 4shared problems this past week. And thank you to those of you who made me aware of it. If you find any missing links or other problems on this blog, PLEASE leave a comment or email me and I will do my very best to fix it.

Have a great weekend! I hope to find time to drop by on Sunday (my birthday, yeahhh!) for a quick b-day freebie…

Oh, by the way - we are drowning in snow here in Copenhagen right now. It’s early but SO PRETTY! If I can’t have a white Christmas it’s OK with a white Birthday ;o)

See you soon?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Links fixed

Just wanted to let you know that the link for the Starry Gold Alpha has been fixed now. Someone (or something) had deleted the file from the 4shared archive but I re-uploaded and it is now ready for download - I hope...

Update: The links to "A Little Bit Friday 22 part 1 & 2" are also fixed - damn that 4share!!!

...and the same goes for the "Christmas Charms" link....

I am sorry for the inconvenience
and I thank those of you who made me aware of the problem.

See you soon,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

CU Sunday

Today you get a CU freebie - 4 ornament papers in really nice colours (could be Christmas colours…).

As almost all my freebies until now have been PU Only I have made a new TOU to include CU and CU4CU as I’ll try to make more of those in the future. The new TOU will always be included in the downloads but you can also find it (and download it) in the top menu.

Click on image to download.

Have a REALLY nice Sunday!

Friday, November 19, 2010


No, not the band.

If you have been here before you probably know about my love for metal style designs and today I have made more. A few days ago I went shopping (yes, again!) and my purchases included an overlay pack freebie from Sweet Made INC. They were all beautiful but one of them really caught my eye and I wanted to make something more out of it than “just” an overlay. Bring on the metals… I used some of my Atomic Cupcake actions to change the overlay into metal overlays and today you can enjoy them too.

I found that they look really great if you use a rustic/aged background so I have taken the liberty and included 2 of Jerry Jones’ textures converted into 12x12 backgrounds (I hope he doesn’t mind) but go visit his site - Shadowhouse Creations - and get LOTS more - it's a GOLD MINE…

As the files are BIG I have separated them into 2 downloads, but they are still big (app. 45 MB each) so pour yourself a cup of coffee and lean back while downloading :o)

Download part 1
Download part 2

Have a great weekend - see you soon?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I forgot...

This is to Chanelle who left me a comment on 12/11 (thank you for that :o) ) and to everyone else on the lookout for a nutcracker:

You might want to take a look here: http://blueridgemeadows.blogspot.com/2009/11/nutcracker-cu-freebie.html

See you soon!

Gold Stars

Just a quick stop-by to leave you yet another freebie from my Christmas Workshop. This time a great alpha made with Kim B’s excellent Christmas Star Sparkles Style (free). The letters are transparent so you can choose any background colour you like or just let your background decide…

I have included 4 bonus papers for you to make you “ready to scrap”.

Click on image to download.

Have fun - and come back soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Bit (Holy) Friday

With Christmas coming up one can’t help thinking about religion - religious or not. So instead of Christmas stuff this week’s A Little Bit Friday is of the Holy kind. And yes, of course you can make Christmas layouts with it… I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Click on image to download.

Credit: Most of the kit is self-made but the open medallion is taken from “Victorian Afternoon Add-On” by So Digitally Me.

Have a blessed weekend - and see you soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Broken Promises

Since my birthday is on 28th November I early on made an informal promise that Christmas could not start until after that date. No decorations, no Christmas songs and no Christmas shopping. But this year something happened - I broke that promise!

Being in the world of digital scrapbooking you are being bombarded with Christmas early and as a designer you need to have the material ready for your users before it is too late. So I found myself in a very early Christmas spirit this year and took a serious talk with myself. I decided that it was OK to “stretch” the terms of my promise if it could make all of you happy.

Conclusion: Today’s freebie is very Christmassy! I have made you 20 Christmas charms, 10 gold and 10 silver.

Click on preview to download.

If you need chains for the charms you can get them from my July charm freebie HERE.

A very happy pre-Christmas to you all!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Box It!

Today’s freebie is a collection of boxes made in my budding Christmas spirit. That means they can be used all year but also matches your Christmas layouts. They are app. 8x8 but can be enlarged to 12x12 without spoiling the quality. So start boxing your memories…

There are 10 boxes in the collection and as they are quite heavy pngs I have slit them into 2 downloads.

See you again very soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I’m back

Wow! What a holiday…

I believe Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. And on top of that the weather was great, and the food was simply heaven. I could have stayed there forever! But all good things come to an end and here I am again back in “real life” trying to gather my thoughts and memories from the trip. I was right - Rome is an inspirational city and I am working hard to pass some of it on to you - but it takes time. So until I am done you’ll have to stay contend with the usuals…

Today’s A Little Bit Friday brings you a somewhat different alpha. I hope you can find use for it in some way.

Click on image to download.

Oh, by the way... Just because I had such a great time I decided to add 10 more days to my sale at Scrap it Sassy so you can still get 50% off until 12/11. Just click on ad to get there.
Have a great weekend - see you again very soon.