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Monday, October 25, 2010

So Long!

As you probably already know I am leaving for Rome tomorrow morning and that leaves this blog postless until 2 November.

But I don't want to be the only one getting something out of it. Therefore, I will leave you with this:

Just click on the Ad to get to my store @ Scrap it Sassy.

Have a very nice week and " Arrivedeci!"


Here is the second part of yesterday’s Bingo Alpha - and then some… I want to leave you with enough material to last for the week so here goes:

Click on each image to download.

And an extra full-style paper

Again a big Thank You to HG Designs for this style - and everything else...
If you haven’t yet downloaded the first part you can do it here.

Please enjoy and stay scrapping until I get back. I will be posting a goodbye message a little later today and who knows what that might bring with it…? So stay tuned.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I wanted to give you something ”different” today but couldn’t quite figure out what. Then I stumbled upon this somewhat strange alpha I made for myself about a month ago and decided that was it. I’m not quite sure what you can use it for but I like the colours and the feel of it and hope you do the same. This portion only includes upper letters A-Z, but if you like it I plan to get back to you at some point with the rest (lowers, numbers, etc.).

The alpha is made with “Vintage Styles” from HG Designs - it’s free, so if you have PS or PSE hurry over and grab it along with all the other GREAT styles and other freebies she is offering. She really is a gold mine!

Click on image to download.

See you tomorrow for my last freebie before my Roman Holiday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Damask Papers

I know it’s late so just a fast freebie…

Click on image to download.

I am in a very good mood today (must be the upcoming vacation!) so when after making the preview for today’s freebie I found a 5th paper, a pink one, I added it to the zip as an extra.

AND.. as these papers are 100% self-made I will let it be up to you how you use it - PU, S4H, S4O or CU - as long as you do not sell them as CU. This is NOT written in the TOU included so please make a mental note of it…

See you tomorrow?

Friday, October 22, 2010

”A Little Bit” Autumn

As promised, today I return the “A Little Bit” Friday. I have made you 3 autumn items (try and say that 3 times really fast - autumn items-autumn items-autumn items…). 1 foliage paper, 1 leaf border and 1 crate of beautiful autumn apples.
Please Notice! - Since posting this freebie I have been communicating with the creator of the crate I have used, Justie from Just Creations, and it seems I have not been the best reader of her TOU. I have used the crate without altering it and that is not allowed. She has been kind enough to let me keep the freebie up, but I think it will only be fair to give her the credit she deserves. So - if you make layouts with it that you publish in galleries, on websites or any other public place, please make sure to include her in your credits. You can se the details in my credit file included in the zip. Thank you!

Click on image to download.

And now I think it’s time to prepare you for some news… It’s good news for me but maybe not so much for you. You see, I am going on holiday on Tuesday! I will be gone for 1 week and will not be able to post anything while I’m gone. Sorry.

BUT - as I am going somewhere extremely inspiring (Rome, Italy) I guess you will benefit from it when I return.

I will try and leave you with a posting every day before I leave so you have something to keep you busy until 2 November.

See you tomorrow?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corner it!

Today I bring you corners - lots of corners. And they are of the ornamental type. I have made you 18 corner ornaments in different styles from enamelled and gold to paper, suede and wood. One of them is the original so you can make more with your own styles and colours. I have also included a paper that can be used as overlay as well.

Have lots of fun with it!

Click on image to download.

It’s been several weeks since my last A Little Bit Friday so I better make one for tomorrow. See you then?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amy’s Quickpages

At Scrap it Sassy we have a very talented Creative Team that makes Layouts and Quickpages out of our Designs - material that not even the designer had ever thought of. One of these creative and very talented girls is Amy. Amy made (a little by mistake) two wonderful QPs out of my (Danish Design) kit “Raspberry & Cream” which she then donated to me to use as I pleased. And nothing would please me more than to pay them forward to you…

So here they are - followed by a lot of thanks to Amy for making that mistake ;o)

Click on image to download.

There is no TOU in the download - but as it says on the preview folder it's PU only.

I recommend you to drop by SIS Gallery to see more of Amy’s and the rest of the CT’s work - it’s inspiring.

Should you want to purchase the Raspberry & Cream Kit for yourself and make more great layouts it’s still available from my store @ Scarp it Sassy. And just for you I have marked it down with 50% so you can now get it for only $ 2.00. But hurry this offer is only good until Thursday night. Click here to get to it.

I will try and be back again tomorrow but no later than Thursday - I promise!

See you soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Think Pink T-shirts

As promised, today I bring you another Think Pink Freebie. This time it’s a collection of T-shirts with BCA slogans on. As they are made with special permission to use an otherwise PU template I ask you to please read the Credits and TOU before using them - Thank You!

Click on image to download.

I hope you’ll have fun with them and don't forget to grab my other Think Pink freebies:

I will be back tomorrow with a couple of lovely QPs made from my Danish Design kit “Raspberry and Cream”. See you then?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free Sampler #4

The final of my four sampler freebies is made from my new paper pack, ”Madonna Sixtina PP”. You get 2 papers - 1 solid and one aged - as well as a label holder and label and I have chosen two of the seasonal colours for your.

Click on image to download.

If you would like the full paper pack it’s available for only $ 3.00 from my store @ Scrap it Sassy.

And don't forget the 3 other free samplers:

You know what? I will be back tomorrow! Yes, I have actually planned my other work so I can be with you for a few more days…

See you tomorrow?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Sampler #3

Since today is Saturday and it would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday (had she still been with us) I want to share the sampler for “Nostalgi-Grey” with you. Maybe you could spend an hour or two this weekend to make a layout celebrating your grandmother…?

Click on image to download.

If you like it and want the full kit you can get it here.

See you tomorrow for the fourth and final free sampler?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Sampler #2

Today’s sampler is a textured overlay taken from my contribution to the SIS August CU Collab. As august is now long gone so is the Collab, but the individual contributions can still be purchased in the SIS store.

The sampler consists of one of the overlays - cracked paint - plus 5 coloured papers made from it. And again today: This sampler is CU - please read TOU enclosed in download.

Click on image to download.

If you would like to purchase the full package you can do it here.

See you tomorrow?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New designs in my store + Free Sampler #1

Long time no see…

I have popped up here today to tell you about my newest designs in my store @ Scrap it Sassy. 4 brand new products all following my usual “style” - aged, nostalgic and ready for your personal touch.

First up is a brilliant alpha made with a gothic font and styled as embroidery. It’s in a creamy white colour that makes it perfect for re-colouring. It’s a full alpha with upper and lower a-z, numbers 0-9 and symbols. CU. Prize: $ 2.50.

Click on image to go see it in the store.

Second up is a nostalgic kit called Nostalgi-Grey. You get 17 elements and 5 papers/overlays all in grey scale for easy re-colouring. PU. Prize: $ 3.00.

Click on image to go see it in the store.

Then a Paper Pack inspired by the colours of Raphael’s Madonna in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The pack contains 10 solid papers and 10 aged + a little extra! CU. Prize: $ 3.00.

Click on image to go see it in the store.

And finally - my contribution to the SIS August CU Collab. Here you get 10 papers/overlays: 5 patterns and 5 textures. Again it’s all in grey scale so you can use them as overlays and/or re-colour them. CU. Prize: $ 2.50.

Click on image to go see it in the store.

Please notice that 3 of the designs are CU which means that you can use them for everything except other CU products (TOU included in download).

BUT…! You all know what new designs in the store means. Yep - Free samplers for you!

You get the first one today and then one a day until Sunday.

Here is a few words made with the Embroidered Gothic Alpha. I have also included a piece of fabric for a realistic embroidered look.

Click on image to download.

Have fun - and see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Think Pink - It’s Important!

Just a quick visit to give you my small contribution to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You get 2 freebies - a mini-kit and an alpha. Enjoy - and share the message of “A Cause for a Cure”.

Please notice that allthough the label says PU you are welcome to use papers and elements from the kit in any PU freebies you want to make as long as it is connected to BCA and you give me a little credit.

I hope to be back with more Think Pink freebies before the month is over…

Click on images to download.

Also - You may have noticed my new Donate button in the menu. It’s actually made for anyone who likes my freebies enough to want to buy me a cup of coffee but this month I will hold the coffee and instead hand over all donations made in October to The Danish Cancer Association for Breast Cancer Research.

I hope to be back again very soon so stay tuned…