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Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I smile even more...

Last night at 10:30 my visitors counter reached 300.000!!!! That is something worth celebrating...

I am considering making 3 my new lucky number, because on top of the 300.000 I have been doing this for 3 years (approx.) and the post you read at the moment is #300. 

If you are wondering why the counter on the blog only shows 200.000+ - don't... It was not installed from the start. The official Blogger Counter said 300.000, and I actually watched it happen and almost freaked out - in the good way.

I bring all of you my deepest gratitude for sticking by me and for the enormous amount of downloads and comments you have made. I couldn't have come this far without you, and I'm sure you already know, but let me say it again: 

"You are the reason I'm doing this"

...yes, you can take it personally!

To celebrate and to thank you, I have made you a special mini-kit (only mini because of lack of time) and of course it consists of 3 parts:

Number sets

Click image for direct sownload (4shared) or use the alternative links below.

I hope you'll enjoy it and stay around for the next 3 years, 300 postings and 300.000 visits - I will...

Lots of love to all of you

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's sad - but I'm smiling

This month I participated in a Color Challenge in Heartfelt Perfections' Forum. The sad part is that I was the only participant. But because of this sad fact.... I won! And for that I'm smiling. Thanks to all of those NOT participating but most of all to Leigh Penrod for letting me win.

And of course you will smile too.

'Cause the Winner Kit is now yours to download for free!

But after you have downloaded it, PLEASE visit the Heartfelt Perfections Store and check out all the great stuff there. And while you are there, please join the Forum so I have a little competition in the upcoming challenges.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use the alternative links below the image.

I really hope you'll enjoy this kit and maybe even share your work in "Your Gallery"...?

Have a great time until we meet again (soon).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Vintage

As promised - here is another Vintage Freebie for you.

I originally planned to make 3 freebies out of it, but then I thought - "Why waste time?". So here are all 3 in one: Lovely tags coordinating with Sunday's cards.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

I'm guessing this is not the end of my vintage mood, so stay tuned for more....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

In a Vintage Mood

While working on something new for my store, I went into total vintage overdrive.... And it would be only fair that you should benefit from that too. So here is the first of what will probably be many vintage freebies:

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use the alternative links below the image.

Hey, before you go - let's stay in the vintage mood just a few minutes longer. Go check out "Your Gallery"s latest addition by Valerie - link in top menu.

I will probably be back very soon with more from my vintage world. Until then: Stay Happy & Healthy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Faith...

I'm unstoppable...

Today I have added two new members to the Faith Family in my store:

An AddOn to the Kit with more elements and glitter papers ($1.49)
Click image to get to it.

And a free AddOn Alpha that can be downloaded from the store. Yes, you have to register to download it, but it's CU and FREE so it's worth the extra effort.
Click image to get to it.

I am sure that the Faith Family will grow larger but maybe I should take a little break to be "unfaithful" (got it?) and make something completely different (and free) for you here at NbF.

See you soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Faith and more - now in store

The new "Faith Kit" is now in store ready to be picked up for only $2.49 by anyone with good taste...;o)

But something else slipped in the back door:

A Dollar-Deal ($1) for Coffee Addicts
Click image to get to the store.

If you didn't get it yesterday, a Free TBYB Sampler is available HERE.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Faith - and a free sampler

During the weekend a new kit will be launched in my Scrap It Sassy store. The name is "Faith" - don't ask me why - and it will contain 19 papers, 34 elements and 1 full alpha in wonderful colours from design-seeds.com.

I will, of course, post a quick note when it's ready for purchase, but in the meantime you will, as usual, get a sampler to check it out.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternatives below the image.

Alternative links:

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon!