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I would LOVE to see some of the things you make with my freebies, and I would be happy to post it here in Your Gallery. So please send me anything you would like to post, and I will make sure to get it out here.

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Thank you so much!


A couple of weeks ago I received an email that really pleased me. Kathy Overman emailed me a layout she had made with one of my alphas, and I LOVED it. So I asked if I could share it with you here in Your Gallery. It's not only a beautiful layout, it's also a beautiful story that goes with it. Here is what Kathy wrote (slightly edited by me):
"I used your alpha on the first page of the Sistine Chapel layout in the digital book I made for my parents after we took a trip to 8 countries in 18 days celebrating my cancer free status last summer. After 14 surgeries and 22 rounds of chemo I am travelling to the places I’ve always wanted to go.

I created the background “blue Sistine chapel” from my original photo and used that paper throughout the several pages of the chapel in my 200 page book.  I wanted to give history along with images, thus the opening page for the chapel.  I wound up sneaking photos in there while my dad stood in front of me…. :0)   I’ve attached one more for you since you love the inside."

Yes, I love the Sistine Chapel and I love these layouts. I hope you love them too.

I wish Kathy good luck on all her future travels, and if your upcoming trip to Scandinavia brings you to Copenhagen, let me know. I will be your private tour guide!

Trine, 05/11/2012

 Latest member of "Your Gallery" is this absolutely wonderful layout from Valerie:

As you can see, the layout is made with my cluster frame "Memories of Paris". And here is what Valerie had to say about it:

Here is the jpeg of the scrapbook layout I mentioned using your fabulous Paris cluster frame.  The cluster photo and the one of Notre Dame de Paris were taken by my brother. 

Font title and journalling note is Parisian BT, the other Fiolex Girls.

(Made in Digital Scrapbook Artist with some extra embellishments:  journals by Krisssz and Just-a-dream, a clock by Cajoline, books/cup by Agnesinsgap, postcard by Shadowouse, background and one other by Dydge and Lady Papillon.)
Thank you Valerie - I love it!

Here is a selfportrait made by Sim in France. She made it with my (Danish Design's) "The World Kit". Don't you just love her way of using scrap material in a totally new way?


Here are the Winners from the Christmas Card Competition 2010:

Carey, California

Marlyn,The Philippines

Sim, South of France

Thank you so much for your cards - and congrats on your winnings!

First up is a layout made by Hélène from Hasselt in Belgium. She made it with some of my Da Vinci material. Great job - Thank you Hélène!


Marlyn from Makati City in the Philippines is posting this great tribute to her husband's cooking skills.


"He's my very own personal chef. As he knows his way around the kitchen and because he's a far better cook than I am, he does the cooking. For my sister's birthday he prepared a radish salad which tasted absolutely divine.

You can also find the layout in: http://gratefulforlifeslittleblessings.blogspot.com/2010/04/chef-hansel.html

I used Keley Designs' Perfect Kitchen kit. Template is by Four2two and Word art is by Ginger's House."

And here is a proof of an old saying being a lie: Not everything that goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!! At least not happy things...

These layouts are made by Stacey from Las Vegas. Thank you Stacey - cute, cute, cute!
"Koa Halloween"

"Koa Puppie"


Now we move on to Wisconsin, where digigranny Kathie made a beautiful spring garden LO (using some of my papers - thank you!).


"I am a senior citizen living in Northcentral Wisconsin, where spring has finally arrived at last! We are so fortunate to have our family near by and we have many opportunities to spend time with them as well as our circle of close friends. They inspire me and often end u on a page or two.... but, think I tend to be an "eclectic" type scrapper as I skip from one subject to another.

I am addicted to digital scrapbooking and will soon have posted 250 pages to the website www.Scrapbookflair.com/digigranny"

Here are a couple more from the very productive Marlyn in the Philippines:

This layout shows my niece and my nephew wearing deer headbands for Christmas. This layout is my entry to one of the challenges being held at DigiScrapStation: the Font Layout Challenge and the Word Art Challenge. Both challenges are posted in their forum at:
and both feature some awesome software for first, second and third place winners.
"Oh Deer!"

The second layout shows me with my niece and nephew and, would you believe?, Santa Claus and an elf when I arrived in Sydney Airport.

You can find the layouts in: http://gratefulforlifeslittleblessings.blogspot.com/2010/05/thankful-that-my-wish-at-studio-for.html
I used Heavenly Scraps' Lolly Jolly Holiday Page Kit for the layouts.

Have a nice day!

And here is a Birthday Card for Luc made by Cynthia out of two of my New York Papers. I don't know about Luc, but I would have LOVED this card for my birthday.


 Here is another beautyful layout from Marlyn in the Philippines:

The layout show me in three of the photos plus flowers taken during a recent out of town trip.

I used Scrapz n Bitz Designs' Forever Autumn kit as well as her templates for the layout.

DigiScrapStation is holding some challenges in their forum where the prizes at stake are font software packages? Those interested can find more information here.


Here is two layouts from Cynthia in Spokane, Washington.

"This is a page I put together last Christmas for my daughter who owns Dozer. (The breeder actually named him "Bulldozer" because he was the largest puppy she'd ever seen; we just shortened it to "Dozer")."

"The second page is of my other daughter and here first baby, Kyrie, who is now 4".


Here is two wonderful layouts from Glenda made with some of my products. It's nice to know that one man's spring is another man's autumn - and that the colours go either way!

"I've just called it Autumn Colours. You could say Autumn in Southern Australia. The kids and I were trying to catch the light one afternoon after school and so were running through a local vineyard, trying to get some photos and missed it really!"

"Just quickly did another that I had wanted to do with your Degas series. Was very simple once again but I love how absorbed she was in the dance."


And another one from the ever-scrapping Marlyn. Thanks Lyn!

"Celebrating Mommy's 74th birthday with our traditional birthday breakfast: pandesal (local bread), bacon, eggs, and hot chocolate but with some addition like buko (young coconut) pie and corn.


Nothing can stop Marlyn - she is a Scrapping Machine... Here is a new layout from her:

"This layout is showing my niece Mia when she was but a wee babe".

Keep up the good work Marlyn...





Bridget said...

Love not only your blog and Gallery, but the LO's from your guests are just as nice to enjoy.


Bridget said...

I do love not only your blog, but also the fact that your guests shere their art in this gallery.