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These pages will be filled with scrapping freebies as often as I can find the time to make them.
So come back from time to time to check what's new.

My Gallery

Here are some of the Layouts I have made for my own Scrapbooks.

May can be a GREAT month! - This is the layout I made with the QP posted in May 2012.
All material is from Pixel Scrapper's Amsterdam Kit.
If you haven't got it already, you can get it here

August 2011 - Clara started school. Well, pre-school, but if you ask her it's school.
Update: Clara was a bit confused when seeing this, she could NOT remember having ever been in this room..... :o))))

The first day of 2011!

My sister's Wedding

The people (Helle & Thomas) I enjoy spending my summers with!

My most recent trip to Rome, August 2007.

"Month by Month" Layout for March 2010

One of many layouts from the island of Bornholm.

"Month by Month" layout for January 2010.

More Rome.

More Bornholm.

Do I need to tell you that I LOVE books?

More Bornholm.

...and more Bornholm.

My niece Clara "Hooked on Coke"...

No comments...

Some of Copenhagen's many fountains.

My nephew Frederik's 2nd birthday (and his sister thinking "Why does he get all the attention?")

Well, just "Get Out"...

My grandmother, Tinna, as a small child (ca. 1914) and her cross that I got from her.

It's very important!

... but not always possible.

Gosh - time flies! The first 4 years of Clara's life.


Glenda. said...

Beautiful layouts Trine, love the variety and simplicity.

Diana said...

Hello sweety...:)

Just had to visit your blog and when I seen you mention Your Layout Gallery could not resist to take a look.

I just LOVE your layouts. Love the style of each and every one of them...Very creative indeed...

Love and Hugs


Sim said...

Very nice and imaginative artworks Trine!
Thank a lot to show them!
Big kisses from France