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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's my Birthday!!! :o)

Yep... Today is my birthday and to celebrate it I have a huge sale in my store at Scrap it Sassy:


A birthday gift for YOU:

Click image for direct download (4shared).

 I hope you like the mix of birthday and Christmas in this cluster frame. It has been a tradition for me that Christmas never starts until after my Birthday so I had to make it a little less Christmassy.
I also have a new Mega Alpha Pack in my store. It's called "All You Need for Christmas" as you get 27 different Christmas Alphas in one pack. Go check it out - I think it's awesome. An now you get 44% off - it's a real bargain.

I hope you will help me celebrate by having a really great Monday and please have some cake and think of me while eating it :o)

Lots of Birthday Love,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The story of the one left behind

This is the story of a Cute Little Alpha who played happily with all its friends on a designer's computer - not a care in the world... Until one day when an announcement was made that files were needed for a brand new Christmas Pack to go in the Danish Design Store!!!! All the files hurried to get in line and the Cute Little Alpha did all it could but was pushed and shoved until it finally found itself as the absolute end of the very long line.

The Cute Little Alpha crossed its fingers and hoped for the best, but luck was not its friend that day. When it was finally time for the Cute Little Alpha to apply for a place in the Christmas Pack a sign was put up saying "All seats taken - no more applicants needed"..... The Cute Little Alpha cried and cried and could not understand why it could not get into the Christmas Pack. "I'm cute and can be very Christmassy but I can also be used in all the other months of the year...". There were no friends left to play with so the Cute Little Alpha just sat in a corner of the Alpha Folder sighing and crying. 

Then one day the Cute Little Alpha heard something and looked up. It was the designer who felt so sorry for the Cute Little Alpha and had decided to pick it for a very important job. "You are going to be a Freebie on my blog" the designer said "and that is a very important job because you will get to live in a lot of loving people's computers and be used and used and used, and make people happy all the time!".

Now the Cute Little Alpha knew what people meant when they said "All good things come to those who wait" and the Cute Little Alpha jumped with joy - and has not stopped jumping since. Please let the Cute Little Alpha jump right into your computer and experience how much joy it will bring you!

You can pick up the Cute Little Alpha by simply clicking on its picture below.

Enjoy and be kind to the Cute Little Alpha.... please. It's even CU!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New in store = free sampler for you

My new product in my store at Scrap It Sassy is now uploaded and ready for you to purchase.

I have made a paper pack consisting of 5 Japanese papers all photographed and cut to size by me. 

Click image to get to my store.

I also added 5 free tags made from the papers and they are what I want to give you today for free.

Click image for direct download (4shared).
I hope you'll enjoy them.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Not related to any Holidays!

When you move around in the online scrapping world this time of year you can easily get confused. We are being bombarded with a lot of Holidays at the same time - Halloween, Thanksgiving, DSD/iNSD and Christmas....! I had to draw back and make you something completely unrelated to Holidays.
That is why your freebie today is a mix-it alpha containing 3 scribbled alphas - 1 plain, 1 white paper sticker and 1 brown paper sticker - for you to mix together, or not.

Click image for direct download (4shared).

Oh my! Does it get into the category "Back to School" - and if so, is that a Holiday? Well, never mind...

Hope you'll enjoy a few Holiday-free days with this and I promise I'll be back with lots of Holiday stuff in a short time. In a few days I will also have a new product in my store that is related to nothing other than Japan! More about that later.

Enjoy - and stay happy!