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Friday, April 29, 2011

Award Tribute - Atomic Cupcake III

I’m so sorry to be a day late with this final part of my Atomic Cupcake Award Tribute. Yesterday my online connection went to offline so no way of posting. And this morning I had a Royal Wedding to attend (it was beautiful). But now I’m both “married” and online so here goes…

#5 - 55 mixed elements
#6 - 16 mixed Metal dividers
#7 - 15 mixed labels

Click each image for direct downloads (4-shared) - Hotfile links below the images.
Hotfile link.

Hotfile link.

Hotfile link.

I hope you have enjoyed all the introductions to some of my favourite designers and will use them as much as I do. I will now take a few days off but I’m back again when the date says May. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Award Tribute - Atomic Cupcake II

Here are the next 3 freebies in my tribute to Atomic Cupcake:

#2 - Glitter elements
#3 - Papers
#4 - Texture overlays

Click images for direct download (4shared) - Hotfile links below the images.
Hotfile link

Hotfile link

Hotfile link

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last 3 AC freebies - see you then?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Award Tribute - Atomic Cupcake


That is the sound of my head exploding.

Explanation: I had planned to finish the last Award Tribute on Saturday but Easter got in the way. I spend all weekend relaxing, eating Easter lunch and lots of cakes and ice cream, taking long walks in the summer sun and the rest of the time I did absolutely nothing! But when Monday arrived I knew I had to finish the tribute and started slow - how hard could it be. Atomic Cupcake is all about Actions and everybody knows that actions save time… Well that may be, but I have so many of them and one thing let to another and I just kept on making more and more freebies. Late last night I finished freebie #7 and then forced myself away from the computer. But making the freebies is not all… I have spent 6 hours today making previews, credits and uploading all the freebies. But now I can finally say: “I’m done and ready to post”. So let’s do it.

This fourth and final Award Tribute goes to
Atomic Cupcake who has filled my PSE with close to a hundred great actions that I use practically every day (well, not all of them every day of course). If I’m stuck I can always find help in my AC Action Stash and I want you to get to know them via these tribute freebies as well. I have made 7 freebies so I have decided to split them up over a couple of days.

Today you get the alphas - 5 colours x 2 styles = 10 alphas. They are separated in colours so you get 5 downloads each containing 1 colour in 2 styles.

NOTICE: I have reached my limit with 4shared so please use the Hotfile links if you want to download today or come back after 1 May when the limit is back to 0 %.

You find download links under the image.

Blue 4shared

Blue Hotfile

Green 4shared

Green Hotfile

Pink 4shared

Pink Hotfile

Violet 4shared

Violet Hotfile

Yellow 4shared

Yellow Hotfile

Enjoy and come back tomorrow for next part of my Atomic Cupcake Tribute.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Award Tribute - Funky, Wishing On A Starr

For all of you who are used to “A Little Bit Friday” today will be quite the opposite! It’s time for the Award Tribute to Funky/Wishing On A Starr.

I want to start with a big I'M SORRY!!!! On the previews and the filenames I have made the big mistake of calling it Wishing UPON a Starr... It should of course be Wishing ON a Starr. But correcting everything would have caused a day's delay and I wanted to get this out today. So I hope you can forgive me Funky!?!?!

If you are not familiar with Funky and her blog I can tell you that she is spoiling us rotten with great freebies and most of them have no TOU attached! I always get in a good mood when visiting her blog because she is a positive, energetic and extremely creative lady. And if you read about the cause for her blog and all the other obstacles in her way that spirit is AMAZING!

I have made you some different freebies from her material and in her spirit I have made their TOUs as free as possible. I have also included a Bonus that I think of as “Because I know you LOVE it”-Bonus. I hope you’ll like it all and after downloading hurry over to Funky to get “The Real Deal”.

Click each image for direct download.

Freebie #1 is a bunch of labels with foliage border.
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630501/be2562b/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_1.zip.html

Next you get a paper pack with 5 papers and a page frame.
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630315/9a0ba37/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_2.zip.html

Then it’s time for a QP. I have also included the cluster frame separately.
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630079/eb228e1/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_3.zip.html

And finally - You all time favourite Chocolates! 3 corner clusters and a special Easter page border.

Alterntive download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629756/0fbbf0f/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_Bonus.zip.html

Enjoy and have a great Easter Weekend. I’ll be back with the final Award Tribute for Atomic Cupcake as soon as possible (I hope tomorrow, but no promises).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Award Tribute - Jerry Jones

Today’s tribute goes to Jerry Jones from Shadowhouse Creations - The King of textures! I have used his work so much it’s almost embarrassing and it’s about time I give him the credit he - and his immense talent - deserves.

I have made 3 freebies for you from Jerry’s designs - I really hope you (and Jerry) like them…

Click each image to download.

Number 1 is a set of 6 papers all made with the same texture and the same colour but all with different blending modes.
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629573/c8e0bb1/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Jerry_Jones_1.zip.html

Number 2 contains two papers in different styles.Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629428/8fb3035/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Jerry_Jones_2.zip.html

Finally number 3 witch is a Quick Page in a nostalgic mood.

Should you want it in 200 dpi, you can download it HERE (4shared) or HERE (Hotfile)

The next Award Tribute will be to Funky from Wishing upon a Starr. I don’t think I’ll mange to get it finished for tomorrow, but Friday at the latest - I promise.

See you very soon, and until then enjoy everything Easter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Award Tribute - Cajoline

One thing is giving away awards; another is sharing their work with you. I have decided to dedicate the rest of this week to making freebies for you from the work of the talented people who received yesterday's awards.

First up is Cajoline (Cajoline-Scrap). I have made you a beautiful QP simply called "Mom" and a paper with flying butterflies. The kits used for these are:

"A Gift for you Mom" (PU)

"Happy Mothers Day" (PU)

"Butterflies" (CU4CU)

I have uploaded the two freebies in different sizes so you can use the one most suitable for your archive size and/or bandwidth.

Click this image to download both products in one go (15 MB)
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628813/c1cd318/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_Both.zip.html

Click this image to download the QP in 300 dpi (14 MB)
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628326/6aec7b7/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_QP_300.zip.html

Click this image to download the QP in 200 dpi (8 MB)

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628511/d1eef2a/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_QP_200.zip.html

Click this image to download the paper (2,2 MB) Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628591/eff6c95/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_Paper.zip.html

I really hope you'll like them.

I'll be back tomorrow with another Tribute - see you them?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Awards, Royalty & a Freebie

Today I have A LOT to share with you, so grab a cup of coffee and hang in there - the reward is at the end…

First of all - I have received my first award! I am both honoured and a little humble but most of all I’m proud. Most of all because it was given to me by a person I respect very much, Jacquii John, store owner of Scrap It Sassy and blog owner of http://lavendelcreations.blogspot.com/. Thank you SO MUCH Jacquii!

I will of course pay it forward and give it to some of the blogs I love. This is not easy at all as I have a very long list of loved blogs, but I asked myself “If closed down tomorrow, which blogs would you miss the most?”, and the first 4 blogs that popped up in my mind will hereby receive this award from me.

You should all know that I wouldn’t be what I am without you guys!

Now on to “The Royal Corner”.

To Jayleigh3 and all other interested I will give you a little extra information about the Danish Royal Family and the Christening (Thank you Jayleigh3 for giving me the word. I knew baptism wasn’t quite right but couldn’t for the life of me remember “Christening”).

The cute princess on tip-toes is named Isabella (Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe) and her big brother is Prince Christian (Valdemar Henri John).

The somewhat peculiar names for the twins - Minik and Ivola - are Greenlandic.

You can find much more information and pictures on the Danish Monarchy’s website (in both English and French): http://kongehuset.dk/english/

And on the Crown Prince and Crown Princess’s website: http://www.hkhkronprinsen.dk/english.php

Well, if you have been hanging on so far you deserve the freebie and here it is.

Click on image for direct download.

Have a great day and please come back soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Year of a Tree - CU" is now available in store

Just wanted to let you know that the CU version of Friday's "The Year of a Tree" is now available in my store at Scrap It Sassy for only $ 2.49.

Click on image to go to the store.

See you tomorrow...

Friday, April 15, 2011

No more “A Little Bit Friday”

I have decided to end the concept “A Little Bit Friday”. Not that you won’t get anything on Fridays anymore… It’s just that “A Little Bit Friday” is hardly ever just a little bit so in a way it’s false advertising calling it that. From now on Fridays will simply be ordinary freebies - a little or a lot.

And today I’ll start by giving you “The Year of a Tree Kit”. It contains all the seasons a tree goes through in the form of: 6 finished trees in png, 5 pngs with leaves only and 1 layered psd where you can play around with the different leaf layers. Please notice that this kit is PU Only. If you would like a CU version it will be available in my store in a day or two.

Click image for direct download.

And for the interested parties...

The Royal Twins got all their names yesterday with only a little crying involved. They left the church as Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, but if you want all their names, here they are:

Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander & Josephine Sophia Ivola Mathilda.

Have a splendid weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Mix - Elements

We are closing in on Easter so I thought I should make something eggy and spring-like relevant for the season. Here is a mix of elements for you.

Click image for direct download.

Tomorrow is a big day here in Denmark. The Royal Twins are being baptised so I will be glued to the TV all day to see everything and wait with anticipation for the names to be announced (all 8 of them!). So don’t count on any post tomorrow. I will, however, be back with “A Little Bit” for you on Friday.

See you then...

Monday, April 11, 2011

SPRING or summer???

This weekend my fair city was blessed with summer-like temperatures and lots of sun. It’s almost as if we skipped spring and went directly to summer. It inspired me to make some simple and versatile papers with the feeling of warmer times. They also go great with the upcoming Easter. You get 6 wrinkled papers with chalked edges and 6 with glittered edges, all full size and CU.

Enjoy a day outside (if your local weather allows) and postpone any kind of work ‘til after sundown!

Click image for direct download.

See you soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Bit Friday 36

I decided to make you an alpha to match Monday’s ”Calm Spring Mini-Kit”, so here it is. But since today calls for just “A Little Bit” I have made the alpha as sheets instead of individual pngs. I Hope you can cut it yourself…

Click image for direct download.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Misc-Mix 01

I have recently been downloading some free PS Shapes from shapes4free.com and today I played around with some of them. That resulted in a new Freebie Group I have decided to call “Misc-Mix”. My plan is to make them from time to time and include a mix of elements not necessarily related to each other. I hope you’ll like the concept and find use for the items in your layouts.

If you have the time I would love a comment from you so I know what you think about it - is it something I should continue making?

Click image for direct download.

I’ll be back with “A Little Bit” on Friday.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Calm Spring

I have been playing around with colours this weekend and came to the conclusion that at the moment I have a soft spot for the blue/green/turquoise-ish colour as on weathered copper (verdigris?). I simply love it! And therefore today’s freebie is a mini-kit in that exact colour. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Click image for direct download.

See you in a day or two.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Product = Freebie #4 and final

What’s the matter with you…? You have no problem grabbing freebies when it takes only one click to download. But here I go trying to make something special for you - a personal freebie - and what happens? One mail in my inbox, ONE! But all right I’ll try not to make an extra effort for you again and see this as your loss, my gain. And Claudia’s gain. Because now I have lots of time to make something really special for her and Tristan. I knew I could count on the Dutch. Not the Pennsylvania Dutch (although they are probably quite reliable too) but the kind and open-minded people of the small country in Europe called Holland or The Netherlands. And you know what? Today’s freebie - the final of my new product samplers - will not be any easier for you. It requires a visit to my store @ Scrap It Sassy, and you only have April to get it. The original full pack product is this one available for only $2.49 and it’s CU4CU: Click image to get directly to it in the store. The Add-On, also CU4CU, contains four extra borders free the full month of April and then available for only $1.25. Click image to get to it. I’ll be back next week, but until then have a really nice, spring filled weekend.