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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please don't hate me....

I really hope you won't hate me for today's post. First of all because today is my Birthday  (yeah!), but also because today's freebie is made with love. If you wonder how old I am today, I can reveal that the sum of my birthday is 9 - so now you can guess at anything between 18 and 81, but let's just say it's somewhere in the middle ;0)

I have not been able to leave my dotty mode, so today's freebie is all the dotted papers you will ever need - 58 in all in 6 packs with bigger dots than last time. As usual, the colours are from Design Seeds - the best colour palettes in the world!

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.
Box (when not out of bandwidth)

Have a great day and see you soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

All though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Denmark, I would like to give my Thanks today:

Thank you to ALL of you for visiting my blog and downloading my work. As I have said many times before: You make my hard work worth while!


And next I want to let you know that my "Double Dots Family" is now available in my Danish Design store. If you missed the post about it (with the free add-on) you can find it here.

And finally, today's freebie:

I have made you a pack of vintage papers in browns with a hint of purple. I hope you can use it for some lovely fall layouts.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.
Box (when not used up!)

Have a lovely TG Day and come back soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Double Dots

Hi again :0)

Today I bring you a free Add-on for my new, not yet released product family "Double Dots". The full pack will be available in my SIS store in a day or two, but I want you to be the first to see what is in store for the dot-happy scrappers

The "For Sale Family" consists of the 4 products shown in the preview below, and will be available both as individuals and as a bundle (with discount of course).

But for absolutely nothing, you can now download the Add-On (or Pre-On?) to see, if it's something you can use. The Add-on contains:

4 overlays/templates with big dots
4 overlays/templates with small dots
8 coloured example papers

Everything is 12x12, 300 dpi and can be used for CU4CU.

As the full file is rather big (75 MB), I have separated it into 3 parts, but if you have the bandwidth for it you can also take it in one go.

PART 1 - OL Big

PART 2 - OL Small

PART 3 - Papers


I will of course be back as soon as the original hits the store.

Have dots of fun!

Monday, November 19, 2012


In our line of work/hobby we are often using the words talent and talented, but do we actually know what they mean? My interpretation is in the lines of "having the ability to do something better than average". But lately I have had to re-think it. Yes, I do think there are a lot of talented people out there in digi-scrap world, but sometimes you meet people who are ├╝ber-talented at what they do and impress you beyond believe; and then you realise that you'll have to make several levels of "Talented". I haven't yet defined these levels, but I have seen the works of someone who definitely belongs in the top level.

If you were with me back in March this year, you may remember Allison, the granddaughter of Sue from Grands9creations (if not - see the post here). Last week Sue posted work by her other granddaughter, Abby, and I was blown away! The girl is "only" a pre-teen, but is drawing like a Pro. I "stole" one of her drawings from Sue's site (sorry, Sue & Abby), but please go to Sue's site and see the rest. And then decide for yourself how to define talent.

Can you imagine what she will turn into?

Before you go, I have to say, that this post is NOT caused by the fact that Sue made a dedication to me today - for which I am eternally grateful - and NOT just because I promised to do so in my comment to her. It is simply because I think talent must be shared and promoted, and because I wanted you to have the WOW-experience too.

And while we are at this talented family - check out Sue's WordArt "In the Warmth of his Baby Hand", where she shows off her own drawing skills. And since the drawing shows the talented hand that made the drawing above, it sort of closes the circle. It really runs in the family!

I wish Abby (and Allison) the best of luck with their talents and creative life, and I thank Sue for today's dedication/award and for being my long-distance-friend in tears as well as laughter (fortunately, mostly laughter).

And no, you will not get any freebies in this post - sorry! But I hope to bring you one later today or tomorrow.

Nurture talent where ever you are!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am celebrating today, and I want you to take part in my celebrations...

Today I am - finally - able to share my very first, home made PS Brushes! Yeah!

As you may know I have never gotten around to taking the step into making PS pre-sets before, mainly because I couldn't find the time to sit down and learn how. But then something happened... A star named Marisa Lerin, who is the owner of the fabulous site Pixel Scrapper, made a tutorial that in less than two minutes told me how to make my own brushes. I was so grateful to her that I promised to name my "first born" after her, and that is why today's freebie is called "Marisa Brushes".

The brush file contains an abr-file with 11 grungy shapes, but for those of you without PS/PSE, I have included png versions in both black and colours (the colour palette is also from Pixel Scrapper). I really hope you are just half as excited as I am, and will find use for them in you work. If I don't get too many complaints, I will make more in the future.

Before we go to download, I want to thank you for all your feedback on the Box issue. You were all right - I had reached my download limit (you don't get much from free Box). But I also learned that many of you actually like Box. I have therefore decided to continue using all 3 download options - at least until I find the Perfect One.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

If you have the time, I would love to hear what you think of my brushes, so leave a comment or email me.

See you soon,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Out of Rehab

Hi All,

I'm now out of rehab and do not think of Halloween (much) anymore. That is why I want to bring you something totally different from the last 6 week's freebies. I have made you something simple.

A pack of 5 word border templates that you can finish off with your own colours, styles or other fancy stuff to your liking. I have also included an example of each border. Please notice that the examples are PU Only, but the templates you can do with whatever you please (CU4CU). I hope you can make something spectacular from these - and maybe let me see it?

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

Before you leave, I need your feedback on something. I have noticed that NO ONE has been downloading from Box.com lately, and I would like to know it that is caused by some technical error or simply because you don't like Box. It's OK if you prefer other hosts, but if that is the case I don't want to waste my time uploading every time. So could you please drop me a comment so I know? Thanks.

Have a nice Sunday - see you again soon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is the absolute final, no-going-back, end of Halloween on NbF! 

But there are PLENTY of freebies to grab, so fill your coffee/tea cup and grab you mouse.

Before I start, I have to plea guilty to charges not yet filed... I made a boo-boo (isn't Halloween the perfect time for that?). A lot of you have commented on the picture of the candy cat I posted on Halloween and asked where I got it from. Well, I downloaded it from Facebook. BUT.... I have now discovered, that the picture is actually owned by Jadjdj and originates from Flickr ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/7495438@N08/7982595791/ ) with "All rights reserved". Oh, oh.... I do apologize if I have done anything wrong. But at least Jadjdj's picture was viewed and loved. That must count for something in my defence, right.

And now, let's get down to business.....

This final Halloween post brings you no less than 5 freebies including everything - papers, alphas, elements and backgrounds.

First up is the alphas. They are "only" alpha sheets, as I did not have time for separating them. My apologies to those of you who haven't got the SW to do it yourself.

As usual: Click images for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below the images.

First Alpha Pack is separated into 2 zips so be sure to get them both - no link from image!

And then we have a pack of Halloween Scenes, or HallowScenes as I have called them.

And finally, the "left overs". As always with my big themes, you get a Doggy Bag with everything not used in the kits and packs. I hope you can find some use for it.

Please let me know if I have messed up the links - they are not easy to manage.

That was that. Halloween closes and will not return for another 10-11 months. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and look forward to seeing you again soon for something totally different.


Monday, November 5, 2012

The unmentionable family - and more

I hope you all survived the iDSD Weekend...?

Do you know what is absolutely horrible? 
Being flat broke on iDSD! I had about $2 to spend this weekend and with all the sales and can't-miss-deals, I was devastated. But when the darkness is as dark as can be, someone flips the switch and light shines again. 

Your very generous donation saved my weekend!

That is what I love about this world wide scrap-family. We are there for each other - knowingly or not.

And speaking of being there for each other - Please visit "Your Gallery" where I have just posted 2 new layouts made by Kathy Overman. They are not only beautiful, they are also about one of my favourite places in the world: The Sistine Chapel in Rome. Go see them and let us know what you think.

And now for today's freebie. Yes, it's still Halloween, but I must admit, I am not quite sure if you can use it... I made a double sized QP (12x24) named "Family Portraits" with all the relatives we do not EVER talk about (we all have them, don't we?). I have made room for 4 of your own unspeakable relatives.

Take it or not - use it or not. It doesn't matter, 'cause I had SO much fun making it... :0))

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image. (warning: it's big = 34 MB)

I will be back in a couple of days with the absolute final Halloween posting - I mean it this time! Hope to see you then.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still Halloween

I will never be done with Halloween!

Today I bring you even more papers and a frame/QP for your collection. I hope you took a lot of photos on Wednesday to make use of all the material.

First a Halloween Paper Mix with10 very mixed papers. A few of them can even be used for non-Halloween work.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

And then another frame (a big one) and QP called The Moth.

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

I'm not all done yet, so I'll see you again soon.