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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another kind of freebie

Today I will present another new product in my store @ Scrap It Sassy. It’s an Alpha where old meets new in form of a renaissance inspired font and a chrome style. It contains Upper Ornament cases and normal lettering lower cases + numbers. All for only $1.99.

Click image to get straight to my store.

And of course you should have a free sampler of this product as well. But how do one make a sampler when it’s an alpha? I could probably come up with a few fancy words to make WordArt with, but then I came up with another idea. You should have the exact freebie you need.

Therefore, today’s freebie requires the following:

  1. Click HERE to open an email to me.

  2. Write “My Alpha Freebie” in the subject field.

  3. Write the word, name or what ever you need in the text field together with any instructions for me and of course you name.

  4. Press send.

And over the weekend I will make your freebie from the new alpha and email it back to you as a png file. Isn’t that a perfect freebie?

I hope to get a busy weekend making you freebies.

But before the weekend begins I will be back here tomorrow with the final new product sampler. See you then?

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