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Monday, April 26, 2010

Show Yourself

I couldn’t stay away so I skipped my lunch break to write this.

I know you are here for freebies, but today is a little different. I also know that I promised you that EVERYTHING on these pages is free, and it still is in the sense that no money is involved. However, you must do something in return:

As mentioned the other day, I have a made a “My Gallery” with some of my own layouts, and now there is also a “Your Gallery” for some of your layouts. But it’s empty…

Therefore, I am now offering a freebie for everyone who wants to exhibit their creations in “Your Gallery” on this blog. The freebie will not be available for anyone else.

This is what YOU do:

YOU choose 1 or 2 of your layouts (it would be nice if they are made with some of my products, but it is not required).

YOU send me an email with either a download link for the layouts or the layouts attached. Remember to add a text, your personal details and link for your website if you want that published with the layout.

This is what I will do:

I post your layout in the gallery along with any text and details you want.

I email you the download link for the freebie.

Easy, right?

And here is what you get for it:

I really hope you will do this for me, as giving away all this stuff and never see it being used is a little bit like giving away your children and never see them again… well, not quite, but you know what I mean. And as I am fast approaching the 10.000 downloads mark, I think it’s time to get something back ;o)

If this turns out to be a success, I will make new gallery freebies every month, so you can post new layouts and still get something in return.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about your demand but people like me who has no photoshop and has an antique pc cannot do this unfortunately.I can only use them as prints :( But this cannot prevent me to say how your creations are amazing. Yet again i want to thank you.
Best wishes

Glenda said...

Will see what I can do for "Your Gallery." My scrapbook program is a little unsophisticated but I will send you something when I get a chance to use your wonderful freebies.

jayleigh3 said...

Thank you for the Degas series! i really do love your original, stylish designs. i don't post to galleries simply because i scrap the memories for my children & g-kids and not for accolades from other scrappers. i scrap in 8.5x11 - not 12x12. But, i can assure you, that your work will be in use throughout my scrapbooks. My g-kids actually "took" the 120-pager i completed for Christmas and my son hasn't had time to even peruse it yet. You amaze me with the quantity and quality of your designs!