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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goodies

I hope you have all joined the new year in a good way. I, personally, can't see how 2013 can be anything but better than 2012 (cross my fingers).

To celebrate this sparkling new year, I have a lot to share with you. But first I want to inform you of the latest chapter in the never ending story of storage hosting. My 4shared Premium account expired a couple of days ago and in spite all the problems I decided to renew. BUT.... to pay for the renewal I had to join some, to me, totally unknown payment services - they accept neither credit cards nor Paypal. That made me furious and I am now putting them in "time out" for a while. That means I will service you with links to Box, MediaFire and Dropbox and hope you can forgive me for the lack of direct download.

Enough of that. Now to the celebration of a new year. Today I have launched 8 new products to my store at Scrap It Sassy: I must admit, I went a little "PS Pattern crazy" but all the pattern packs include either overlays or papers or (most of them) both so they can still be used even though you don't use PS/PSE.

Yes, I know! 
January is the worst time of the year to ask people to separate from their money. But I have taken care of that too... It's been far too long since I've had a sale. I missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn, my Birthday, Christmas and a lot more. That is why I now have my "ALL I MISSED IN 2012 SALE". With prices as low as 50 cents it should be possible - even for me - to get a thing or two.

Click Sale image to get to my store.

And because you kept going to the end of this post, I give you a free sampler of my new products. The kit contains examples of each of the new products, but they are all unique (= not included in the store packs). You get 6 patterned papers and 4 autumn elements PLUS the colour palette used to make the papers. 

Image linked to Dropbox.

I hope you will enjoy it and get tempted to check out the sale.

Lots and lots of Love,


Stacey said...

thanks so much for the awesome sampler! the new stuff is gorgeous! There is no need to renew your 4shared if you have to join something weird to do so. the other links work fine! Happy New Year! I sure hope 2013 is better!

annaica said...


Anonymous said...

Try to submit to 4Shared whether Santa Claus can dropped some coins in their chimney ! They're not commercial at all...
Merci for these nice elements !
C from Paris :)

Anonymous said...

Luv the pumpkins THANK YOU ;~}
from crystalnva

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Love this, the pumpkins are great.

kastagnette said...

Thank you so much

Anisah said...

Thank you!