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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maths 101 - Did I misplace my trust?

Hi again,

I'm back with a little less happy post than the previous. But let's start out gently.

I have just added 3 new products to my store - each image is linked to the product in the store:

Metal Tag Frames - CU - 2$

SIS Collab 03.11 - CU - 1$

The Easy Life Kit - PU/S4H - 2$

I hope you'll like them.

And now for the more serious part....
"Everything But Freebies" has now been open for business for a month and I made a little evaluation of the success. Well, maybe lack of success - let's do the maths:

  • 37 products have been downloaded
  • each product is at least 1$
  • total payment received: 11$

...something doesn't add up!

I hope this is because not all have understood the concept of a Trust Store, so I'll let it run for another month before I decide on what to do. Maybe it's because some of my customers wanted the product but didn't have the money to pay for it until the pay check arrived? So maybe the payments will come tomorrow when a new month starts? I also suspect the non-payers to be "outsiders" as I can not imagine my old, faithful blog readers could do something like this.

Well, I might add a little payment reminder on each post in the store. Don't take it personally - I know you didn't "steal" anything.

Let's all cross our fingers and hope for better results for April.

Now you really deserve a freebie!

I have made a couple of frames for you named "Urban Cowboy" - enjoy!

Download links below image.

See you soon!



Teri Terrific said...

Wow_being from Montana I can really appreciate these frames; thank you for your generosity!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you, thank you!

Stacey said...

gorgeous frames! thank you! I hope you receive more payments! sorry this happened to you! You are always so generous!

Kathie said...

Thank you for the freebies. I have an idea why your numbers may not be adding up.
On many sites if you click on the image of a product you get a larger picture or more details. If I were to click on something in your store thinking this would happen I would instead start the download,though I may not have decided I want it.This almost happened to me.
Maybe you could have a separate button that would state clearly that it would start a download. Just a thought!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these frames...

Bonnie Carter said...

I hope your faith in human nature is restored. Thank you for the frames. Love them.

Minky Things , The Faerie-nuf Folk and The Starchildren said...

✫'*°•♪♫" BLESSINGS AND LOVE✫'*°•​♪♫"
May Your Love and Trust be respected and honoured ...sending lots of Golden Light Blessings to You and Your new store... may all You give out , truly come back to You multiplied !