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Monday, October 18, 2010

Think Pink T-shirts

As promised, today I bring you another Think Pink Freebie. This time it’s a collection of T-shirts with BCA slogans on. As they are made with special permission to use an otherwise PU template I ask you to please read the Credits and TOU before using them - Thank You!

Click on image to download.

I hope you’ll have fun with them and don't forget to grab my other Think Pink freebies:

I will be back tomorrow with a couple of lovely QPs made from my Danish Design kit “Raspberry and Cream”. See you then?


Trine Secher said...

I wonder why all of these lovely and very useful comments always come from "Anonymous"...? If you feel so strong about something let us know who you are. Otherwise - JUST SHUT UP!

I wish you - whoever you are - a very nice week and hope that all your anger does not make you the one out of nine that one day is going to need this horseshit attention.

Thanks for dropping by - but please don't come again, OK!

Best regads,

Anonymous said...

don't even pay attention to this mentally sick person , must have some big unresolved problems ... much better you delete this stupid message . Not all Anonymous are crazy or bad people hiding in the dark ( the anonymous option just makes it easy to post a message without having to create lots of accounts ) * Your pink T-shirts look very nice & also the Alpha , they are appreciated , thanks a lot:-)

Anonymous said...

some nuts having a bad trip , maybe drug addict . Put this stupid message where it belongs : in the trash . Get his IP address and block any attempt to come back to your web site

RondaRigby said...

It is October every month if you take care of yourself (females). That type of exam saved two people I know. Keep up the good work.