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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I’m sad…

No, actually I’m more disappointed than sad. My Christmas Card Competition got 3 replies…3… YES, THREE!!!!! In the period from competition start till today where the competition ended I had 3400 visitors to my blog which means that less than 1/1000 took the 20 minutes or so to make and send a card. Hmmm…. And you call yourself scrappers?

Well, I may be disappointed but I know 3 people who are not: The three card senders. Cause they will split the prize bundle of more than 60 products. So I guess the only thing I (and they) can say now is: “Nah, nah, nah, nah nah…” and to make all the 3397 other people feel even worse I will show you what you missed out on. Some of this could have been yours:

..and that’s only half of it.

But now for the positives: The presentation of the three participants and winners. They are all winners just for participating and will split the prize equally = app. 20 double-stash products + 1 product of their own choice from my store.

Thank you SO MUCH to

Sim from France
Carey from California
and my “old” friend Marlyn from the Philippines.

I loved your cards and I particularly liked that they were so different from each other. But then again you cover practically the whole world - America, Europe and Asia so… You have the sunny yet traditional Christmas from California, the warm and cosy feel from Asia and the naughty and nice at the same time Chick from France. That’s World-Wide Christmas for you. I’m actually a little glad I didn’t have to pick a single winner ;o)

As I only have to present 3 cards I thought I would make a show of them.

The cards can also be viewed in full size in Your Gallery.

I hope you will enjoy scrapping with all your new material. You are all winners in my book!

HOWEVER, I do not saviour hard feelings, so all is forgiven and you don’t have to worry about consequences in form of “no more freebies for you”. I will be back tomorrow with a New Year’s Freebie and I’m already preparing for a brand new year. See you tomorrow?


Freebies Storage said...

Don't be sad dear, look at the bright side that maybe everyone is preparing their holidays so if u longer the period of competition i bet u'll get a bunch of Christmas Card :) Happy Holiday :) and Thank u for ur greats freebies treat ^_^

Sim said...

Hello hun!
Thank you very much for your sweet heart!
It's seem too much gifts...
I'll send you images from time to time!
For an happy new year, why not?
Good end of year for you and the ones you love.
Love from Sim.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ladies!

Shanti said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier!!! don't be sad! you still had people that sent cards!

Gothic Inspirations said...

I know this is an old post, and it may not matter but I want to say you deserved so many more responses! You work is stunning and I appreciate every single peice you create. Jessica