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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Colours

I think it helped. Today the sun is shining over Copenhagen and life is no longer so black and white. But just to be on the safe side I hereby bring you the papers to go with the alpha as promised yesterday. You get not one paper pack, not two, but 3 paper packs. One with flat colours, one aged/grunged and one slightly wrinkled. All have 12 colours matching yesterday’s alpha. Please notice that there is download links for all the papers in one (for those with plenty of band width) and separate for each of the three packs.

But that is not all…

Yesterday I went power shopping at Atomic Cupcake and got myself some new toys. They had to be tested of course, and that resulted in an extra bonus for you. A Surprise Bonus Pack with some ….. Well, if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? Just take the chance and download it.

These freebies are no longer available.
Check my store - they might be there.

See you in a couple of days?

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