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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tivoli Day 4 - Last Day

We have reached the final day of our visit to The Tivoli Gardens, and today we are going to have FUN!

First I want to share something with you. Yesterday I received a mail from Miriam in San Diego. Miriam makes stats for a Yahoo group called Mary Engelbreit and Friends, and because I dedicated this Tivoli Theme to her, she made this beautiful picture with material by the American artist Mary Engelbreit. It actually gives you a very good idea of what Tivoli is like. Thank you so much, Miriam.

One of the more popular attractions in Tivoli is the Photo Fun Booth where you can stand behind painted Photostats with only you head visible and have you picture taken as a cowboy, a clown, a prisoner, etc. The most popular is the Bride and Groom. I have taken pictures of two of them and made them into miniature Photostats for you so you can put pictures of your friends and family’s heads into it.

These freebies are no longer available.
Check my store - they might be there.

And if you want to pretend to take some of Tivoli’s fun rides, you can use these Quick Pages. Ride the Rollercoaster, the Ferris-Wheel or the Line 8 Trolley…

Finally, I have made some Tivoli QPs of a more frame-like type. Use them as they are or add your own decorations, if you like.

It has been a pleasure to introduce you all to Tivoli, and I hope you will one day come to Copenhagen to see it in person. If that’s not possible, I hope this weekend’s freebies have given you the feel of the place. And although it’s not like being there, I hope you will have lots of fun scrapping with the products.

See you again tomorrow for something completely different?

Please go to the next post for a Bonus Paper Pack.

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