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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Springtime is here? 4

This is the last day of my Springtime theme. And looking out my window here in Copenhagen, it’s very appropriate - cold, grey and WET. Let’s hope it does not set the standard for the rest of the spring season…

Today’s freebie is a psd template. Each letter of SPRING is a separate mask you can use for photos, colours or patterns (or a mix of them all). Whatever you do with it, be sure to have fun doing it…

I have made two versions of the template to accommodate your different download capacities – a 200 ppi (25 MB) and a 300 ppi (50 MB), both 12x12.

These freebies are no longer available.
Check my store - they might be there.

I hope spring is more kind in your part of the world on this Easter Sunday and allows you to get out and be sun-kissed. My plans today is to “play autumn”: Wrap myself in a cosy blanket in front of my computer with a cup (or two) of hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream - no marshmallows in stock :o(.

I will be back with new freebies in a day or two. See you then?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these great templates!