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Monday, May 10, 2010


I’m sure many of you out there know the feeling. You want to / need to make something creative but every ounce of inspiration has left you. And in real bad cases it stays away long enough for you to get a bit desperate…

That was my weekend. On Friday I promised you something for today and I don’t run away from a promise. But nothing came to me. I did everything I could - I surfed the net, I watched TV, I read a little, I even took naps - everything that usually gives me some kind of inspiration. But NOTHING!

I gave up and placed myself in my comfortable living room chair. And as I looked down it hit me. I looked at my carpet and instantly knew “That was it!”. And that is how I ended up with today’s freebie: A Kit with papers and an alpha made from my living room carpet (well, not the actual carpet, but a picture of it). You get 16 papers and upper/lower cases a-å. Enjoy. I hope it’s not too disappointing…

These freebies are no longer available.
Check my store - they might be there.

Don’t worry. When inspiration strikes, it strikes. I also made the freebies for the rest of the week, so make sure to return tomorrow for the first day of “Ladies & Gentlemen”.

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