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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen Day 3

Those of you who are returning customers to this blog have probably found out by now that I have a tendency to “go overboard” when it comes to Nick-Nacks (a.k.a. elements). You might even have reached the point of “Oh no, not more of that”? But yes. Today you get more of that. And here is the reason:

When I use actions in my work I see it as therapy, de-stressing therapy. All I have to do is click, lean back, sip my coffee and watch it go… I LOVE it! So if you want all the freebies that take time for me to make, you have to forgive all the action made nick-nacks - they go hand in hand if I want to remain sane!

So I hope you have room in you archives for a little (a lot) more, because today’s final parts of the Ladies & Gentlemen Kits are - ta-da - the Nick-Nacks. I have tried to make more feminine stuff for the Ladies and a bit more masculine stuff for the Gentlemen. If you download them both you will have no less than 151 items to throw around on your layouts. (And if you have had enough already, just don’t download. But on the other hand it is free so there is nothing to loose - except a little disc space).

I hope you have enjoyed these last 3 days’ freebies and want to come back tomorrow for a new invention her on Nothing but Freebies - “Just a little bit” Friday!

See you?


MoosieD said...

Wow, incredible kits! I for one, am certainly not complaining about the number of elements you freely give - it's really generous. Thank you so much.

Adele said...

i agree i love your elements and if it helps you stay sane then go for it LOL.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your work, it's fab! Lovely site with super scrap. Best wishes.

Shanti said...

Your elements are pretty and super useful!!! thanks for sharing!