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Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi again,

I have now recovered from my Valentine's Overdose and are almost ready to bring you new stuff. But in the meantime you get some oldies...

For different reasons I have been forced to make a thorough clean-out in my archive. That means that everything posted before May 10, 2010 will not be available for download after March 1. So grab your mouse and get whatever you haven't already downloaded. The material concerned is:

Copenhagen Paper Pack:

I Love NY:

Springtime Kit:

After March 1 some of the material will be moved to my store in an updated version, but they will never again be available as freebies.

I hope you have enough time to get what you need. I will soon be back with new freebies, now that I have the space for them in my archives.


Gente de Massinha said...

Thank you Trine <3

Frances Mary said...

thank you for the "last chance" links.

Digitalscrapperbecky said...

Thank you for all the freebies. The NY, Copenhagen, and Tivoli ones will be great for trips I have taken.